데이터베이스 오류 : 게시물 상세
[ERROR MESSAGE] Incorrect result size: expected 1, actual 2
[QUERY] select u.*, b.managerlevel
		  , convert(vote, unsigned) vote2
	     , ( select count(*) from bcomment where buid = u.uid ) cmt
	  from uccboard u
	  left outer join cust_member b on ( u.insertid = b.id and b.delyn = '0' and b.kind = 'parent' )
	 where u.uid   = :uid
	 and bcate in ('woori', 'parent', 'after')
	   and u.delyn = '0' 
[PARAMS] {uid=26057, bcate=woori, isMobile=false, _DEVICE=WEB, _DEVICE_TYPE=WEB, _menuid=after_woori, board={uid=30, lgroup=board_sp, btype=woori, bcate=woori, bname=리얼체험후기, last_no=0, t_decorator=null, t_location=<a href="/board/board_list.jsp?bcate=woori">후기&소통</a>, t_title_image=/images/exper/tit_woori.gif, t_title_banner=null, t_title_banner2=null, m1code=1, m2code=2, ext1=생생한 체험 후기를 한눈에 볼 수 있습니다., ext2=null, ext3=null, ext4=null, ext5=null, sort=null, webyn=0, mobileyn=0, oldyn=0, chargerid=null, insertid=null, insertname=null, insertdate=null, updatedate=null, deletedate=null}, _perm_w_access=true, _perm_r_access=true, c_table=uccboard, c_file=uccboard_woori_view, clink=bcate=woori}
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